Why is that? Why are we more eager to jump into drugs with multitude side effects than to try a natural alternative where the worst side effect is making you feel like you’ve had a day of pampering and the best is changing your life in a way you never imagined possible.

Are we seriously that comfortable in our struggle and pain that we refuse to consider that perhaps we have been divinely blessed with healers so we can truly begin to live the life we were created to live in the first place? Seriously?

I get it…to be sceptic at first is completely natural. At least I was. But at least I had the sense to read more into it, read testimonials, speak to people who had actually tried it and then finally experience it for myself before I made a final decision about how I felt about Natural Healing Modalities. And what happened to me was most definitely life changing in every possible aspect.

I was literally at the edge of my world when I turned to a natural healing alternative known as BodyTalk. I was surrounded mostly but darkness with absolutely no idea where the light switch was. Afraid of falling into a swirling whirlwind of anti-depressants and sleeping pills I chose to try a less invasive way before exposing myself to side effects I wasn’t sure I was mentally and physically in any position to handle at the time.

I took a LEAP OF FAITH. I followed my God given instincts and JUMPED and you know what?! I realized that I could actually fly. I realized that the edge was not the end, it was merely a cliff overlooking so much more I had to live for. Can you try to picture that for just one second? Imagine thinking you had reached the end of your road…No more to discover, unfold or fight for and suddenly, as if someone opened the curtains to an extraordinary stage best known as “your life” and there, surrounded by spot lights and magic, lay everything you still had to experience and divulge. A NATURAL ALTERNATIVE didn’t place me in AUTO PILOT so I could continue walking my life relatively content yet completely absent. No! I was flung out of my darkness and into a ray of light and from there I was carefully guided towards the ability to heal so my core existence could be free to be felt, to be seen, to be heard and finally recognised by the only person that truly mattered…ME!

The chaos that surrounds us is a mirrored image of what is happening within us. Once you are able to find the calm within, no chaos in the world will be able to even nudge you. Once you understand that, you will begin to open yourself up to the possibilities that natural healing can truly bring into your life mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Healing is not just physical…it’s mostly emotional. The physical pain most of us suffer from are mere symptoms of what really needs to be addressed and healed. No one is saying that natural healing can in any way replace all that Western Medicine has to offer humanity. All that is being said is that many symptoms can be addressed before having to go the extreme of Western Medicine and others can only benefit from being combined with it.

So please, before bashing something you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to truly experience, step back and consider that perhaps, just MAYBE, there is a place for natural healing in our quest to successfully restore ourselves back to optimum health.