EVITA “The Living One”

Evita was created with a very clear intention; To bring a transformation so profound that for some it will almost feel like starting over on an absolutely clean slate.

A gift for healing…

How it all began

After suffering verbal, emotional and mental abuse for several years, I found myself unrecognisable when I looked in the mirror. It wasn’t only the exterior that I didn’t know, I felt like an empty soul occupying a foreign vessel. I found myself broken beyond recognition. Alone and afraid with a beautiful little girl depending solely on me for survival, I wondered this void of a life desperately trying to get back up. Financially ruined, emotionally battered and spiritually exhausted, I turned to a friend who suggested I go for a BodyTalk session. Sceptic about a concept I had never heard about, it wasn’t until 6 months had passed, before I eventually asked my friend for the number and I began my healing journey that would lead me to where I am today. Three months and four sessions later I no longer suffered from anxiety, I was able to go off the sleeping tablets that I had been on for almost 2 years and I was so filled with hope and determination that at times, I felt as if I was floating as I stepped into my future.
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Why The Name “Evita”?

The name Evita is a Hebrew name which means “Living one”. I couldn’t help but appreciate how true that resonated with me. Before this healing journey, I felt dead inside – no hope, no light, no direction – only darkness. BodyTalk brought me back to life and slowly but surely, I began living like I had never done so before. Therefore, Evita was a perfect name for my practice because that is what my healing is all about – Transforming and shifting every lifeless client into a Living one… The Natural Way!!!

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Evita Wellness Gifting & Creating Awareness

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Client Testimonials

Natural Healthcare Systems

Natural Healthcare Systems

Evita Wellness, in a nutshell is holistic therapy that helps to repair communication within the body in order for it to return to perfect balance and health.

Weight-loss Plans

Weight-loss Plans

Certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner & trained to use the Kinesiology for weight loss program, I am able to work with the body to identify any underlying causes.
Transformation Plan

Transformation Plan

A program focused on creating clarity of thought, activating balance & establishing a deeper understanding of self.

Ready to Make a Change?

I walk a journey with each and every one of my clients – a journey towards the life they deserve to experience now and with every step they take into their magical future!